Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Soul of Ramadhan..:)

Lets do some cheak-list on Muslim daily practice during Ramadhan to point to our Taqwa of Allah SWT and to take advantage of this great Ramadhan Al-Mubarak....:)

1)To greet the arrival of Ramadhan to fellow Muslims.

2) On the 1st night declare your intention (niat) to fast for the whole Ramadhan and follow with daily declaration of your intention (niat).

3)Perform your Isyak (prayer) solat in themosque or musalla (as far as possible)

4) Join the jummah to perform 20rakaat Taraweeh prayers every night

5)Recite the Al-Quran jointly from juzuk to juzuk (if possible in a group so that each can be corrected during the reciting)

6)Recite the last 4 verses uin surah Al-Kahfi before you go to bed in the hope that you will be awake at least 2 hour beforre the next day fast begins

7)Rise at about 2 hour before fasting day begin and performthe Qiamullail (i.e. perform the solat Tahajjud, solat Taubah (repenrance) and solat Hajat (wish).

8)Do not sleep after your meals in the early morning.

9)Where possible, perform Fajr prayer in the Mosque or Musolla

10)After the prayer recite the Al-Quran (a short one)

11)When the sun rises perform Isyraq prayer (solat)

12)Proceed to do your daily work with intention (niat) Lillahhita'ala

13)After aboutr 3hours perform the Dhuha prayer (solat)

14)If permissible or posssible, sleep for an hour at around noon (qailullah) to make up for the loss of sleep during your early morning Qiamullail

115)Perform Zuhur prayer (solat) with jamaah in mosque or musolla

16)Recite the Al-Quran (a short one)

17)Perform 'Asar prayer (solat) with jammah in mosque or musolla

18)When yoou free before break of fast it is advisable to follow through on Islamic teaching or do a lot Du'a (supplication)as that period of time is most mustajab to Du'a. do this rather than you waste time in front of the tv and the likes

19)Break your fast with minimum intake of food preferably dates or local fruits. Avoid cooked food at this time

20)Rush to perform your Maghrib prayer (solat) with jammah or your family

21)Then join the family to have pproper meal

22)Then get ready to go to the Mosque or Musolla to perform Ishak prayer(solat) with the Jamaah and the taraweeh prayer(solat)

FaBarakallahulakum in the Ramadhan Kareem:)